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Monitor Construction Progress Easily To Increase Project Efficiency

Live drone-enabled construction progress monitoring enhances the speed and accuracy of building modelling and plans while ensuring total adherence to the plans along with workplace safety.


Orbit's Drones support the construction industry in achieving fast and reliable visual data of a site. Information from Land Surveying allows our clients to enhance safety, make changes, and improve the project's efficiency. We deliver data from aerial imagery to assist project managers with real-time Construction Monitoring. Drones can detect damages and capture data more efficiently when compared to traditional methods. Our data processing software GIS and Photogrammetry software can then reconstruct this data into 2d mosaics and 3d Models for in-depth analysis by clients.


  • 2d Orthomosaic

  • 3d SURFACE models

  • Project monitoring

  • Volumetric measurements

  • Construction Site Mapping

  • Quality check

  • Building surveillance

  • Elevation models

  • Map overlay

  • Project video

  • Aerial documentation


Six benefits of using drones for construction and infrastructure projects

The first and most obvious benefit of drones in the construction industry is the ability to obtain precise visual data of a site faster and cheaper than with terrestrial techniques or manned aircrafts. However that’s only one of the many benefits drones can bring to construction companies.

   1. Fast, reproducible, on-demand image  acquisition

On a construction site, there is always a contractor, an engineering company, an earthmoving company and a number of subcontractors to execute specialized work. In addition to involving a lot of teams, deadlines are tight and require frequently-updated records to drive decisions and align multiple stakeholders.

This is where a major advantage of drones lies for construction site managers. Drones provide a complete picture of the construction site on-demand and within a few hours.

The sharp, detailed images produced by drones enable site managers to track work progress and make accurate decisions based on up-to-date data and comprehensive reconstructed site maps instead of relying on plans or incomplete data that may not reflect reality.

The aerial images also act as a visual aid when communicating with all parties, so that everyone can see for themselves what has already been done and what remains to be done.

2. Accurate and comprehensive data

In addition to having detailed aerial photographs, the same data collected by a drone in a single flight provides a complete map of the site with GPS points, in 2D and 3D. These maps allow accurate measurements of distances, surfaces, elevations and volumes. From there, photogrammetry software also generates elevation models such as digital terrain models (DTMs) and digital surface models (DSMs).

We can help with

3. Construction Site Mapping

Project managers use maps generated from the drone data acquired for regular monitoring and planning; this avoids delays and added costs. Progress monitoring helps our clients guide their projects according to their plan with no deviations. UAV based progress monitoring shows construction/deconstruction sequences, crane locations, perimeter security, etc.

4. Better documentation and faster reconciliation          with subcontractors

Easy and repeated surveying means that the site will have more complete documentation throughout its life cycle.

In cases where a project progresses on top of faulty construction, it’s difficult if not impossible to trace where the mistake was made or who made it. Drone data provides clear, accurate and retrievable documentation at frequent points in the construction process. This allows stakeholders to review and pinpoint where mistakes occurred and settle these disputes out of court since the evidence is clearer.  

Another benefit of better documentation is that the data collected can be analyzed to draw lessons from it and compare it for benchmarking purposes.

5. Volumetric Measurement

We serve Project managers to maintain track of onsite raw materials used during construction to increase efficiency and promote less wastage of stocks. With the incorporation of cutting-edge technology such as machine learning, we can achieve 99% accuracy in Stockpiles Volume Estimation. With Equinox's drones, volumetric measurement is high-speed, accurate, and cost-effective. Measurements are precise, with 1-2% of traditional ground-based measurements.

6. Remote access to current status of the site

BIM managers, surveyors and managers in head offices currently have to either travel physically or rely on workers on site to get information about construction progress. By having somebody on site flying the drone and capturing images, you will be able to see the progress of projects directly on your computer, to evaluate it and discuss it with site managers as if you were on site.


Cloud-based platforms such as DroneDeploy allow stakeholders to access construction progress from any location.

In this way, drones allow managers to have a light point of contact on the activities of their business units in several countries or regions and to obtain information that you would not normally be able to obtain without traveling, or the good will of other individuals.

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